A New Focus on… Employment

We are here to help you take the necessary steps to find employment that is right for you.

We can help you identify the employment options that are the best fit for you. We believe the first step is to first understand yourself better, and then we will work together to create an Employment Plan – that works!

Our caring and friendly specialists are here to help you… Focus, Act, Grow!

Meet the team

New Focus NZ can help you with:

  • in-depth career counselling sessions
  • online CAREER EQ assessments
  • gaining confidence
  • reviewing your skills
  • setting goals – both professional and personal ambitions
  • creating a LinkedIn professional profile
  • designing a quality Cover Letter and CV
  • interview techniques and preparation
  • transition planning
  • employment support for returning Kiwis
  • employment support for migrants

What to expect

Our first session is about getting to know you and making sure you feel comfortable with the process and your specialist.

Ongoing sessions will provide you with additional support for goal setting, planning, preparation and review.

We understand Northland employers, we understand the Northland employment landscape, but most importantly – we understand YOU.

Sessions last approximately 45 mins.

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Hear From Our Clients

“I am lucky to work in a place where I feel valued. It’s better than what I had hoped for. Thank you Alejandra and Muriel for guiding me through the process, your advice and support were invaluable!”

“I approached Muriel for some advice and support with a job vacancy that I was interested in applying for. Muriel was friendly and positive and gave me sound advice which helped to boost my confidence and reassure me that I was on the right track. I was given some great tips on what to expect during an interview, and good questions to ask to make sure the job is the right fit for me.”

“It was such a relief to meet with Muriel and put together my CV and covering letters. My CV came out better than I ever thought it could. Muriel helped me recognise my skills and put them onto paper. The end result was being shortlisted for 2 jobs and employed in one! I highly recommend getting professional advice for your CV from Muriel to make sure you understand what you have to offer and get noticed. it’s really worth it!”

“As part of an exit package from my previous employer, I was given the opportunity to meet with Muriel from Career Focus NZ. Within a very short time, I knew how to look for my next job and I was feeling confident about the skills I have to offer employers, I had an action plan and useful leads – and I was employed within two weeks.”

“Muriel’s consultation was the best birthday present I’ve gifted to myself. As a foreigner in New Zealand, it was really hard to enter the job market, and even harder to land my dream role. Muriel is awesome! Very supportive and laidback. In a few words, after one consultation and a few catch-ups, I got an internship which eventually led me to my favourite organisation doing work that combined both my background in Economics and Environmental Management. That was the easiest, quickest and most fun “job hunt” I’ve experienced.”

“I came to New Zealand to pursue a career in Environmental Conservation. In order to achieve this, I attained an Applied Environmental Science degree through NorthTec. However, after finishing my course, I realised how difficult it was to find a relevant job. I have spent the first 8 months of my 3-year work visa working odd jobs (i.e Cleaning a football club and being a waiter) just to cover living expenses but I was not satisfied with it, so I started seeking any help I could get to find a relevant job.

“Through volunteering at Multicultural Whangarei, I, fortunately, heard about Career Focus NZ. Muriel helped me reformat my CV to highlight my strengths and experience instead of highlighting that I’m a fresh graduate. It helped me regain confidence after being rejected by so many times. This CV helped me reach the interview stage. Alejandra, the interview coach,  then helped me prepare for this interview. The interview went well and I’m now in training!”

Wellbeing Focus

Our Wellbeing Focus can further assist and complement this service.

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